Hello, I’m Pradeep Singh.

I help entrepreneurs with everything digital.

I am passionate about startups and entrepreneurship.

I am currently working towards an eCommerce startup as part of studying Entrepreneurship at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

Do you want to connect and keep in touch with my updates? Let’s connect if you want to succeed with content, commerce, and entrepreneurship.

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What can I help you with?

I help technology startups grow with digital marketing. I mostly work with early-stage businesses to improve their online presence including SEO, PPC, and everything digital.

I build tools and extensions to empower entrepreneurs. One of my projects, WPism can help you get started with a WordPress blog and make the most of WordPress.

I have extensive knowledge and experience working with several eCommerce brands. Reach out to me if you have any queries regarding selling online or setting up an eCommerce store.

I am currently studying some of the top eCommerce brands in the direct-to-consumer niche. I look forward to publishing what comes out of the extensive study soon on this blog.


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