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Hi, my name is Pradeep Singh.

I am a content creator, marketer and an entrepreneur.

My personal mission is to help prospective entrepreneurs pursue and achieve their dreams.

Everything I do from building tools to creating content is aligned with my personal mission of helping entrepreneurs start and build their own businesses.

This is my home to document my entrepreneurial journey and importantly connect with like-minded peers and future entrepreneurs like you.

A little more about me

I take my career as an entrepreneur, and I strongly believe building a personal brand is an important aspect of being an entrepreneur. This blog is an effort to build my personal brand along with my entrepreneurial activities.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and all things startups. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I constantly seek inspiration and my hope is that you might also find some inspiration going through my journey and ideas.

My interest in entrepreneurship has been informed mostly by my experience of building startups and my academic background. I am a business management graduate and hold an MSc degree in Business Management with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship. You can view my LinkedIn profile for details on education and experience.

Apart from entrepreneurship and startups, I have an immense interest in blogging, content marketing, social media and other digital marketing topics. I have been writing blogs on such digital marketing topics for several years.

I am also working towards a startup in digital marketing and broader inbound marketing space. Writing about such topics here, I want to advance my learnings and help others on a similar journey with what I have learnt.

You can read several practical tips and tutorials on digital marketing topics including social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, blogging, Email Marketing and more on my blog here.

Connect with Me

You can connect with me on several social networks. You can join me on Twitter here or connect with me on my Facebook page.

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Who is Pradeep Singh?
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Pradeep Singh is a blogger, marketer and an internet entrepreneur. He frequently blogs about digital marketing topics on A business management graduate, he holds an MSc degree in Business Management with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship. Besides blogging, he is passionate about startups and runs a digital agency based in London.