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  1. I learned a few details which I failed to comprehend the Amazon Associates program, for example about the fee for his or her checks. I have some amount accumulated to date with Amazon, however, haven’t requested a check nonetheless. As I understand bank transfer for EU national will not work. So I guess you’ll have additional this within the cons.

    Cannot understand that Amazon still uses this 19th-century check system for the affiliate program. Is there any indication they are aiming to abandon it? many thanks.

    1. Hi Das,

      I second your thought. The check system with Amazon is pretty much old school. I hope they should switch it with automatic bank transfers because many webmasters are turning their affiliate program down because of the payments lag.

      However, if you still want to, you can use a payments service like Payoneer. Hope that helps!

      Akshay Chugh

  2. Ranjan Barman says:

    best article !

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  4. Hi Pradeep,

    Last time when I joined the Amazon Affiliate, my account was terminated because I didn’t had a single sale in 150 days. That’s the policy but I have one question, suppose we made a sale in 150 days , will this policy continue for the next 150 days or our account will active lifetime?


    1. Hi Amit,
      As far as I know, once you earn a commission within those certain days, your affiliate account will always be active.
      I guess it’s within 180 days of signup , and if Amazon deactivates your affiliate account, you will have to reapply again.

  5. unable to find correct IBAN & BIC numbers despite visiting bank branch. Their IBAN (since) starts with the foreign country (Germany i guess) & BIC they provided seems to be of Indian branch. And thus, ERROR while submitting these details in payment section.
    Any other way for (except Gift voucher) for receiving UK affiliate payments from amazon?
    Can we try using Payoneer / Paypal?
    Or any Online tool to find correct IBAN & BIC without visiting the banks??
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Waleed Yousaf says:

    I applied for US program and selected my own country in personal info section. Also, I provided my native phone no. But in the end, I’m unable to get verified because i’m not receiving verification call. It constantly says “Unable to connect, try again in few minutes”. I’ve tried for an hour but same error appears. What should I do??

  7. shahnayaz says:

    Hello Mr. Pradeep
    My name is Shahnayaz & I am a Banker, I know web site design & development & I am now developing a website for amazon affiliate purpose. It will be multiple products selling site (fashion item like: ladies, boys shirt, pant, trousers, watch, Camera, shoes, belt, parse, sun glass, home appliance, electronics, mobile, cosmetics, body spray, & other fashionable items & target Market will be USA & EU, but I can not fix my Key word for my site, & advice me how to I select best key word for my multiple products amazon affiliate web site.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. rohit desai says:

    Hello Sir,
    Really good content. So much useful. Always feeling happy when read that type of good content. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Rohit Bisht says:

    I have a question. Can I publish the affiliate link to “Product Category” instead of using an affiliate link to a particular product on my blog?
    E.g. using the affiliate link to “Electronic Category” instead of an actual electronic product.
    Will I get the commission even if the visitor buys something other than Electronic products?

  10. RV. Yogeshwar says:

    Hi Mr. Pradeep,
    I decided to make money first in affiliate marketing of Flipkart, Amazon, etc., through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., then later let me create a site or blog.

    For this I need some small assistance from you sir.

    Before comment itself I started work, When I work continuous with Joining Affiliate marketing in Amazon – that is asking Website name or Mobile app id.

    At that case I need to know how to complete the application of affiliate program without having own website or mobile app.

    Most of the peoples saying that we can do affiliate in fb, twitter, etc.,

    Please give me your suggestion and do needful sir.

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