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Choosing and buying a domain name is one of the first steps in building your online presence. You might be looking to find a new domain name for your business, product, or your blog.

Getting started with the right domain name is really important, especially when you are about to start something new.

But finding a good domain name available for your blog or a new project can be challenging.

Luckily there are several tools that you can use to find the best domain names available to register for your blog or website.

I suggest you spend some time exploring different options and come up with a brand or business name that you are comfortable with before you buy a domain name.

You can always change the name later but getting the domain name right when starting out saves a lot of hassle along the way.

It is always worth spending additional time during the starting phase to find a name that you like and are comfortable using for the long term.

In this post, I have listed some of the popular domain name generators that can help you make the process easier.

Use these unique domain name generator platforms and see what domain name you can come up with!

Domain Name GeneratorMain FeatureUse Generator
Bust A NameUnique Words CombinerVisit Website
Lean Domain SearchCombines Popular wordsVisit Website
Instant Domain SearchSuper Fast ToolVisit Website
Shopify Name GeneratorGenerate Business NamesVisit Website
DomainrFinds Domain HacksVisit Website
Name MeshCombines Different WaysVisit Website
Cool Name IdeasTargeted Brand Name IdeasVisit Website
WordlabUnique Brand Name IdeasVisit Website
Freshbooks GeneratorIndustry Relevant NamesVisit Website
BizNameWizBrand Name IdeasVisit Website
Dot-o-matorCombines Name ListsVisit Website
Naming.netCompany Name IdeasVisit Website
NamerificPremium Brand NamesVisit Website
Name FindQuality Available Brand NamesVisit Website
NaminumOne Word DomainsVisit Website
One Click NamePremium Domain BrandsVisit Website
Brand BucketBrand Name GeneratorVisit Website
WordoidName Generator with FiltersVisit Website
Domain PuzzlerName With Popular WordsVisit Website
Name StationBrand Name IdeasVisit Website
SoftwarefindrInstant name suggestionsVisit Website
Crazy NamerBusiness Name GeneratorVisit Website
Hipster Business NameCreative Brand NamesVisit Website

Continue reading if you want to learn more about some of the top domain name generators listed above.

1. Bust A Name

Bust A Name is one of the most powerful tools available to find memorable domain names that are still available to register.

Bust a Name Domain Name generator

You will need to enter a list of words and Bust A Name will use its unique word combiner to generate all the possible domains names for your words.

The website has a simple four-step process that you can follow along.

  • Start by typing a few words then press enter.
  • Your list of words will be recorded in the second box. You can find similar words by hovering over the blue arrow.
  • You are presented with a list of all available domains.
  • You can then register the available domains with the registrar of your choice or temporarily save the domains on the platform for review.

Pro Tip: Use the prefix and suffix feature available towards the bottom to generate unique available domain names.

The only limitation is that the platform only searches for limited major domain extensions including .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz.

Visit Bust A Name

2. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is the quickest way to search domain names with a combination of popular words on the web.

Like its name, Lean Domain search makes the process easy by instantly listing all the domains names available. The names are formed by combining your keyword with other popular domain keywords on the internet.

Lean Domain Search Domain Name Generator

The names can then be sorted out by using different filters such as Popularity, Length and Alphabetical. You might also find it useful to filter your results either by starting with the search term or ending with the search term.

I find Lean Domain search remarkably fast and efficient compared to other domain name generators. The tool is definitely built with speed in mind.

Pro Tip: Check the popularity index of the word on your left sidebar to see the competition for the keyword. The tool lets you know where your keyword ranks among the most popular topic on the internet by domain count.

Worth mentioning on this WordPress blog is that Lean Domain search is powered by Automattic (recently acquired from founder Matt Mazur) and you can easily register the available domain and create a blog on

The service provides additional registration options with popular registrars such as BlueHost, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Namecheap.

Visit Lean Domain Search

3. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is another super-fast tool for searching domain names. True to its name, the tool starts searching the names instantly as you keep on typing your keywords.

Instant Domain Search Domain Name Generator

The real-time search results powered by modern web technologies make Instant Domain Search one of the best tools to find your available brand and domain names.

Along with the generic top-level domain names, Instant Domain Search supports hundreds of new gTLDs such as .io, .xyz etc.

Pro Tip: Instant Domain Search also lists domains available for auction or sale in the aftermarket section. You might be able to find suitable domain names by sorting through the list by Rank, Length, or Price.

Worth mentioning is that the tool is also available in several other languages and thus can be useful for a wider audience.

Visit Instant Domain Search

4. Business Name Generator

The Business Name Generator tool is a brand-new tool from Shopify that searches for available domains by combining your keywords with other popular words.

Business name generator Shopify Tool

Shopify makes it simple to start an e-commerce store, and this tool is beneficial for their users as it integrates the process of finding domain names and creating a store.

Even if you don’t plan on starting an e-commerce store, you can use the tool to generate unique brand names and available domain names instantly. Shopify boasts of helping you find a domain name within ten seconds.

Pro Tip: You can simply proceed to reserve the domain name along with your Shopify store or register the available domain name on other popular registrars.

One shortcoming of the tool as of now is that the tool only generates .com domain names. Many users might be looking to open local stores with their country domain names such as or .in.

Visit Business Name Generator

5. Domainr

Heard of a domain hack? You might remember the popular domain from the early internet days or have seen popular and short links.

Domainr Domain Name Generator Tool

Yes, there’s a term for such domains, and it’s called domain hack. Domainr makes it easy to find such domains.

Domainr tracks a massive list of 1731 top-level domains, including 161 IDN, non-Latin TLDs making it easy to generate all possible domain hacks for a keyword.

I like the clean and instant search interface of Domainr and have used it for a long time. The tool can be handy for finding a shortlink URL for your domain or a short domain to start within the first place.

Pro Tip: Domainr is also available as an APP on all ios, Android, and Windows platforms making it easier for you to search domains on your go. Keep brainstorming and instantly check the domain on your go.

Visit Domainr

6. Name Mesh

This is one of my favourite go-to tools for domain name research. Name Mesh uses a variety of name generator techniques to come up with a list of different sections.

NameMesh Domain Name Generator

Name Mesh has actually combined several other domain name generator methods to bring an extensive list of 20+ domain name generators on a single platform.

I find the suggestions under similar domain names intelligent as it uses dictionary words with a massive database including Thesaurus, Synonyms, and Antonyms to suggest common alternatives for your keyword.

You can also choose the registrar you want to register the available domain names with.

Pro Tip: Use two keywords separated by space to come up with a variety of options. Also, Keep an eye on the Mix column for available single-word domains mixed with popular suffixes like ly, ify, er, ish, ism and more.

Make sure you read the instructions and tips under different columns to find cool ways to help your search process.

Visit NameMesh

Start with Best Domain Name Generator

There’re several other domain name generators that can help you with domain name ideas. Most registrars also suggest variations of a domain name when you search for a keyword available to register.

Google Domains, for example, shows several other popular domains related to the keyword you are searching for and suggests names available to register.

Which is your best domain name generator? Were you able to find your dream domain name using the tools above? Let me know in the comments below.

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