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If you use Google products on a daily basis and have a keen eye for design, the new Google Sans Font shouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were extra curious and proceeded to research the new font. It looks really impressive and goes along with Google’s recent redesign of its logo and other products.

I researched further to see if the font was available to download and use for free as Google maintains a huge Font library called Google Fonts, providing hundreds of fonts to use on the web for free.

Follow along to know more about the Product Sans font and see how you can download and use it.

What is Google Sans Font?

Google Sans Font or Product Sans font is a custom and geometric sans serif font developed along with the new Google Logo and identity system.

Product Sans Font - Google Sans Font

The font was created from scratch to match the new Google identity and logo in a variety of contexts and product lockups.

Google Sans Font is thus the primary branding typeface of Google, differentiating itself from the interface text elements used in the Material Design of most of its products.

Google Sans Font used in Google Login Page

See the official Google Product Sans specimen document available here to learn more about the font.

How to download Google Sans Font?

Although Google hasn’t made the Product Sans font available to download as open source, it’s possible to download the Google Sans Font and use it for testing purposes.

You can download all the variations of the Google Sans Font from its official Google Fonts API.

Download Google Sans Font API

Download Desktop Fonts

Fonts Included in Google Sans Font

Product Sans Typeface Google

Here’s the list of all fonts included in the Product Sans font from Google.

  • GoogleSans-Bold
  • GoogleSans-BoldItalic
  • GoogleSans-Italic
  • GoogleSans-Medium
  • GoogleSans-MediumItalic
  • GoogleSans-Regular

Preview of Google Sans Font for desktop use.

Google Sans Font Download Desktop

Using Google Sans Font

You should be able to install the Google Sans Font by downloading or using the Google Fonts API.

Please note that the font is under Google Restricted licence which means it’s not available to use for everyone.

The restricted licence page of Google fonts mentions,

“Google offers many fonts under open source licenses. This is not one of them. Please see for options you can use.”

The Google Design website also has a Type & Typography section where you can learn and see several features curated by the Google Fonts team.

Do you like the Google Sans Font? let me know in the comments below and keep exploring excellent Typography!


  1. Faheem Ahmad says:

    love your webpage design!

  2. Nikoloz Apriashvili says:

    downloaded the font, thanks!

  3. Sebastian Von Schirnding says:

    Hey, if I used this font in my youtube videos & designs could I get in trouble? Is it legal?

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