Google Local Business Page Merge

So, you jumped on to Google+ to create a brand page and now find out that Google already has a page for your local business!

Or you have just added your local business on Google, and now you find that there are two different pages representing your brand.

If you have a local presence for your business, you might easily come across this situation on Google My Business where you have two separate presence for your brand.

It might not be a problem when both the pages are brand new as you can easily delete the brand page and just keep the local one.

The problem, however, is when you have accumulated some followers already on Google+ brand page and now have to start a brand new local business page.

Luckily there’s a way around this problem.

In this detailed step-by-step guide, I will show you how you can merge your Google+ brand page with your local business page.

Steps to Merge Google+ Page with Local Business Page

I will show you the steps by merging one of Sociler’s Google+ brand page with the local business page of the same brand.

Step 1. First, locate both of your pages. Navigate to and you will see two tabs (Locations and Brand Pages).

This is assuming that you have both Google+ pages and a Local business page. You should have added and verified a local business for your page to appear here.

Here’s the Local Business page of sociler under Locations.

Local Business Page Google Plus

Here’s the Google+ brand page of Sociler under Brand Pages.

Google Brand page Separate Example

Step 2. Now, Click on the “Manage Location” under Local Business page.

Step 3. Once you are on the local page, click on the Menu icon on top of the page.

Google Plus Page Menu Icon Managing Business

Step 4. Now, click on Settings towards the end of the sidebar Menu.

Settings of Google Plus Page Business

Step 5. Under Settings, scroll to the Profile section towards the end of the page.

Connect to Different Google Plus Page

You will see that the page is connected to Google Maps. Click on “Connect a different page” button.

Step 6. You will now come up with “Link a different page to this location” dialogue box.

Link to different Google Plus Business Page

Choose the page you want to merge with from the drop-down menu with the list of your Google+ pages.

Step 7. Click Next and you will see a list of changes that you will need to confirm for.

The changes should be self-explanatory but here’re the major changes you should expect in your new page.

You page will be renamed to Local Business page name (You can always edit your name later).

  • The verification badge of a local business page will be retained.
  • All details from the local business page including telephone number and details will be on the new page.
  • Will retain all of your Google+ brand page followers.
  • Will have the URL of the Google+ brand page.
  • Will retain photos from the Google+ brand page and the existing local page photos will be archived.
  • Go ahead and confirm the changes.

You should now have a new page with all details from your existing Google+ brand page merged to verified and location of the local page.

Here’s the new merged page for the brand Sociler.

Sociler Social Media Google Plus Page

You can find your local page as “Backup of …” in your list of pages. Although the page is still visible on Google+, it won’t be visible on search results and Maps.

You can now safely delete the previous page.

I hope this tutorial helps you to merge your Google+ brand page with your local business page. Let me know if this was helpful for your brand in the comments below.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I need a clarification. What do I do if I have a retail chain? I have multiple location pages and one brand page where I have post regularly.

  2. Yes, we have the same question. We have a client with several offices and wish to merge our local business pages with our brand page. Kinda the opposite of what you’re explaining here. Is that possible? Should we be posting content on our brand page or our most popular location page.

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