Move Tumblr from one account to another

If you have created more Tumblr blogs under one account, you might easily come across a situation where you will have to move your blog to some other account.

This might be transferring the blog to someone else’s account or your own Tumblr account.

Moving your Tumblr blog from one account to another is really easy. Follow the steps below with complete screenshots to change the main account for your Tumblr blog.

Please note we can only move Secondary blogs to a different account. You can learn about Primary vs. Secondary blog features in this official Tumblr guide.

In this tutorial, I will show you the complete steps for changing the account for your Tumblr blog. I will first create a Tumblr blog on my old account and show you how to change it to my other new account.

Creating a Secondary blog on Tumblr

Step 1: Creating a new blog on a Tumblr account is simple. From your Account icon on the top right, click on +New.

Create New Tumblr Blog

Step 2: Fill in the title and URL of your blog and click Create blog.

Create New Tumblr Blog Additional Secondary Blog

Step 3: We have now created a new Tumblr blog for SocialShire!

New Tumblr Blog Social

Now, I have a new Tumblr blog that needs to be moved to another account. (Of course, I created the new blog here on purpose just to show the steps in this tutorial.)

Follow along to change the main account or move to a new account for this Tumblr blog.

Change Account for Tumblr Blog

Step 1: Go to the Members section from the right-side menu of your blog.

Members Section of Tumblr Blog

Step 2: Enter the email address of your new Tumblr account and send an invite to join your blog.

Step 3: Tumblr will now send a link to the new email to join the blog under the new Tumblr account.

Email to add New Tumblr Blog to your account

You can also copy the link yourself and open it in another window. (Remember to sign out of the current Tumblr).

Link to Join New Tumblr Blog

Step 4: Sign out of your current Tumblr and sign into your new account.

Step 5: The blog will be added to your new account, and you should now see your new account under members of the blog.

New Member Added in Tumblr Blog
Promote New tumblr account to Admin

Step 6: Sign in back to your old account and you can promote the new account as Admin.

You will get a notification saying you cannot undo this step. Proceed only if you want to do this.

Tumblr Notification to Change to New Account Admin

Step 7: Finally, you can choose to remove yourself from the old account if you only want the new account to have access.

Leaving Tumblr Blog for New Account Change

You will get a warning to confirm that you want to leave the blog.

Warning to Confirm you want to leave the Blog

Step 8: Sign in back to your new account and you should see you only have access to the new blog.

Tumblr Blog moved to New Account

If you had created posts under your previous account, all of them would remain on your Tumblr blog.

I hope the tutorial was helpful to you in changing the account of your Tumblr blog. Let me know if you have any questions below.


  1. Will all of the people I’m following on my old account still be there in the new one?

    1. Secondary blogs can not follow other blogs. If your original primary blog is being kept, then yes, everyone you follow from the primary blog will still be in your follow list. If you’re making a NEW primary blog, and moving the secondary blog over, then you’d have to follow any/everyone from your NEW primary blog.

  2. Thank you – nice idea – but then the secondary blog on the new account is still a secondary blog. How to make it a primary ?


  3. Thank you – nice idea – but then the secondary blog on the new account is still a secondary blog. How to make it a primary ?


    1. You can’t make a secondary blog a primary blog. You can change URLs/move URLs from secondary blogs to primary blogs but the content that was previously reblogged/posted will not change.

  4. So this really only works to transfer a secondary account as a secondary under another new account, because you can’t open a Tumblr account without choosing a username, which then automatically defaults to the primary. Is this correct, because I don’t see that in the screen shots that are posted.

    1. Correct, you can only transfer the secondary account from one primary account to another primary account. There is no way to change a secondary account to a primary account. If you want the URL from the secondary account on your primary account, you can switch them. But the content will stay on each respective blog.

  5. I want to do this, but I’m scared because the Admin. blog that I have including the secondary blog is filled with posts I don’t wanna loose. So what happens to the first Admin blog? All I want is to move my secondary blog to another account, but like leave the Admin blog as it is. Is that possible???

    1. When you move a secondary blog from one primary blog to another (and leave the secondary blog from the FIRST primary after promoting the SECOND primary) the original (first primary) blog stays exactly the way it is. It does not get deleted.

      1. But will the post also transfer to the new blog, even if the other one stays the same??

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