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  1. Joe Alves says:

    Greetings Pradeep! I am having an issue with my YouTube account and hope you can help me. I have had my channel for over a year now, I have over 700 subscribers, and in good standing, have uploaded channel art, the whole works! But in all that time, YouTube still says that I am ineligibility for a custom URL! Before you ask, I have been to the YouTube help forum MANY times to no avail. No one has any answers for me, no one has been able to help me! According to youtube’s current guidelines I meet all requirements to get the custom URL but my channel just keeps saying that I’m ineligible!! For reference I do have a google+ account if that matters at all- Also, I do have two channels associated to my YouTube account. One of my actual channel, and another that just has an old bio picture and my email address attached. Could that be why YouTube won’t let me have the URL? I’m extremely frustrated as this has been an issue for me for months now and no one us been able to help!! I’ll tell you whatever you wish to know about my account! Please help me with this, I’m at my wits end and need the professionalism that will come with a custom URL!! My YouTube page is at this shortened link:
    I had to use the shortener because my actual URL look so poorly! ?

    1. Ghanshyam Prasad Mishra says:

      On 30th March my you tube channel monetization approved but adsense app showing that my account isn’t approved please guide me

  2. sophia wang says:

    Hello Sir,

    Nice Information. I need your help as I had a custom URL for my you Tube channel but whenever I click on my channel then I am not able to find my custom URL, it always shows the old version of URL.Could you please help me for the same.

    Thank You

    1. Alexandra says:

      Having the same problem and would love an answer.

  3. Is this possible? Two different account with same username?

  4. Thanks, man. I just needed to understand what all the mess is. And it’s good to see the whole timeline of YouTube policies with, so to say, justifications. Thank you for the help. ?

  5. S_h_a_r_k_93 says:

    Hello Pradeep, I was wondering what were the requirements that YouTube uses when evaluating your “display name” as a viable option for your approved Custom URLs … in other words, I am eligible to claim my custom URL but YouTube is picking my legacy username only for the choices in the Custom URL menu and nothing else (like my display name) … and my legacy username is exactly what I am trying to get rid of. 😀
    Much appreciated!

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