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  1. Hi pradeep. I have already monetised my videos and have around 150k views but still my account shows 0$.is there any other method to add my videos / channel individually

    1. Your revenue will increase only if someone clicks on those ads.
      Otherwise you won’t get paid.

      1. Sir PR YouTube creator studio aur YouTube channel PR mere 0.94$ dikha RHA hai PR AdSense PR zero why

  2. Khagen Patel says:

    Hello Sir, I want to monetize my hotspot page and put youtube video on it and earn money. Is it possible ?

    Khagen Patel

  3. hi pradeep sir,
    great post I am searching a idea to make money online here I found a lot of information and ideas.

  4. Chitranjan das says:

    Hii sir my youtube video monetize enable bt google adsense sign in krne par within a week show kr raha h kya karu sir ek bat aur sir ji google adsense se link hone pr automatically upload video me ads Wath honge sir yaar us ke liye bhi settings me Jane honge

  5. How to add website url…url not working I have many time try sir…

  6. Rohan sharma says:

    Thanx for such a great supoort..
    I now able to monetize my videos..
    Bt sir.. they didn’t ask me for bank details..
    How i will be paid.. ??
    n how much as per 1k views.??

    1. Amit Yadav says:

      They will pay through Paypal. Sign up for it.

      1. Mukul Padgaonkar says:

        I am having a YouTube channel, Chess Sincere Videos, and I have got paid 3 times , but the payment frequency is as low as once in 12- 14 months. Please help me so that I get paid atleast once a week.

  7. Ripal nakum says:

    Sir meri dusri channel me bataa raha hai ki your adsense associated now approved but uske niche likha aa raha hai ki review or change adsense association. monetization menu me enable nahi aa raha usme likha hai re-enable but me jab bhi uspe click karta hu to review and change wala page hi khul jata hai sir plz help me what can i do.
    Saare videos pe green dollers ki sign hai per videos me ads hi nahi aati or videos k view ka data adsense me nahi bata rahe hai help me

  8. ripal nakum says:

    sir mere account me associated has been approved bata rahe hai or uske niche review and change adsense association likha hua hai but videos pe green $ to aata hai lekin ads nahi aa rahe hai or views ka data adsense me nahi bata rahe hai pllzzs help me

  9. Ravindra sharma says:

    Hii Sir my videos r monetized but,mujhse mera account number to poocha hi nhi ,so meri income kaise hogi.

  10. I receive a letter from Adsense stating I’m fully approved. However when I’m on my YouTube account and I click moneization it’s telling me my application is still in process. My videos are good standing but still ENABLE. IS THERE a second response that has to come from YouTube. Why can’t click on moneization link and get to the agreement page.


    1. Shawn Loh says:

      I’m having a similar problem.
      I’ve been sent an email stating that I’m fully approved for adsense. However, I’ve tried going back to YouTube and enabling the monetization, it still says “Set up Adsense”.
      All these are of the same email address. Where might I have gone wrong

      1. Do you see a link to review or change Adsense association? If it says “set up Adsense”, you haven’t configured the association with your YouTube account yet.

        1. Shawn Loh says:

          Hi Pardeep,
          I’ve clicked on setup adsense, it’ll bring me to a page of “Your account”. I’m logged in as my YouTube account, once clicking yes, I have another “Your website”, in which, I clicked on “Accept association”, it skips “Your information” and redirects me to YouTube. After redirection, YouTube asks me to setup adsense again

          1. Sounds strange. Are your YouTube and Adsense under same Google account? If you feel comfortable, try sharing your details with me using the contact form and I can look into it for you.

  11. ikechukwu says:

    how would i open a nice and easy approve website? Because i dont have more knowledge on website designs. Cos am about pay for a host

  12. why it is showing “AdSense signup is currently unavailable. Please try again later”

    1. It might be a temporary error. Try signing out of your accounts or in a new browser.

  13. Hi Pradeep, great article 🙂
    Got one query. When to link your bank a/c to your adsense account?

    1. You will get notification from Google Adsense when they are ready to send you payment. You will also be notified in Adsense dashboard, I guess when you have crossed your minimum threshold for payment.

      However, you should be able to select the payment method anytime for your account.

      From Adsense settings, Click Payments, and Click Add payment method.

  14. Hi its me dinesh,

    I have a youtube channel already monetized. Now I have made a brand account under the same mail id. But I don’t know the procedure to monetize this new account. Please help me. I have tried many times but not succeeded. I hope you will help me out

    1. You need to go to the Creator Studio of your brand account and follow the same steps. You can switch to your brand account from the profile icon on your top right corner.

  15. Hello, my ads is not showing on mobile devices. How can I set it up?

    1. Hi Ayodele, displaying Ads on different devices and for visitors is entirely up to YouTube (and Google). Once you have enabled Ads, YouTube (and Google) will automatically decide who to show Ads.

  16. Sir,
    Mene apna YouTube channel absence or monetize se conect kr diya h or meri videos pr advertising show ho rhe h…..lekin mujhe ye samajh nhi aa rha ki YouTube mujhe payment kese krega…..
    Mujhe abhi tk koi aisa option nhi mila jisme YouTube meri bank. Details mange.
    Please help me

  17. HY SIR,
    sir is it necessary to have an account or credit nd debit cards coz i dnt own one so instead is there possibility of cash on delivery??

    1. Hi Asma, You will need an AdSense account and AdSense has an option to send you payment via cheque.

  18. Sameer Shekhar Mishra says:

    sir can you tell me that
    whenever i try to monetize my video it always show try again from youtube???
    can you tell me the suitable reason…


  20. Rajib Humayun says:

    Bro I got approve my youtube for Adsense last week but I couldn’t see any ad display on my videos . I have about 180000 views. Also can I link my website website?

  21. Hello Pradeep,

    I uploaded a video on youtube enabled with monetize ad. my video has 2340 views but there is no credit in my account. It is still showing 0$ in my account.

  22. Shailendra Pratap Singh says:


    Sir, please tell me that how OLD a youtube channel to be elligible for monetization.
    Is it possible with one day old youtube channel?
    And what is minimum requirements of Views and Subscribers on the channel to be there to fullfill the condition.

    Please let me know soonest.

    Thanking you in advance.

  23. Eskindir Jibrael says:

    whenever i try to monetize my video it always show try again from youtube???, please tell me that how OLD a youtube channel to be elligible for monetization.uploaded a video on youtube enabled with monetize ad.

    Thank you!!

  24. Thanks for share with us this nice topic. This topic realy helpful. I was a problem about Youtube Adsense. Im seeking this topic and I have gotten best suggestion from this post. I hope same topic in future. Thanks

  25. Hello sir ,
    I have crossed the 10k views my account is under review how long it will take to approved and also my views are not updated in Google AdSense plss help me sir

  26. Hello
    I create a YouTube channel and all thing is approved except monitization the monitization show not enabled I m tired to but not actived. ND also not showing monitization option below the video when upload the video and try to monitization all options are show but monitization option not showing what I do ??????

  27. Md. Minhajul Haque says:

    It’s a very helpful post. I will try for my channel. Thanks a lot.

  28. When I click on monitize it give ”this functionality is not available right now”. So what is this problem

  29. How the last step of monetization takes place that is 10000 veiws

  30. Thanks for providing nice information.But little bit confusing that sometime it comes as “sign in” and “create account” and sometime it comes as “Yes ” and “create or Use another account”. The thing is not clear ? “Assuming you have an AdSense account already, click on sign in”…….is also not clear. Because in a Video Tutorial by Naturalvita is telling to click on “sign in” to apply for Adsense Account when I don’t any Adsense Account. Here you are telling that to click on “sign in” assuming I have a an Adsense Account.

    Now, Pls advise….My channel has reached 10000 views and I have no adsense account.What to do ?
    Waiting for your kind advice.

  31. I have a adsense approved channel . But Ads are not showing may be because i have less then 10000 views .

  32. hello sir do we want to enable Monetization for each videos !
    in my channel first videonumber of viewers showing on the monitization bar
    but second video viewers number is not showing . i just started a youtube channel
    i hope you will clear my doubts.

  33. I recently created a channel & applied for monetization.. then I uploaded a video that has 160 views but under monetization tab-> step 4 is still showing 0 views.. I mean number of views are not increasing here monetization->apply for mentization->step 4->number of views=0.. how to resolve this

  34. Hello Pradeep!

    Great article indeed. This is something I was looking for. Got some insights. Much helpful!

  35. Pratyusha says:

    Hello Pradeep,

    Thank you for the information. I have a query. When can I go for monetization and create Adsense account for my video, right when I post the video or when it actually gets a lot of viewers or when it gets 10,000 viewers. I am asking about time to create the Adsense account and time to start monetization. Please answer my question. Thank you and regards.


    1. Hi Pratyusha,

      You can signup for AdSense anytime and associate your channel with AdSense but the ads will start displaying only after your channel has crossed 10k views (this can be for multiple videos on your channel).

      1. Hi
        I have over 10,000 views on youtube but my youtube Monetization is disabled i have a approved adsense account but i cant monetize this been going on for 3 months now and YouTube haven’t sent me any feedback about my monetization

  36. Hi
    I have over 10,000 views on youtube but my youtube Monetization is disabled i have a approved adsense account but i cant monetize this been going on for 3 months now and YouTube haven’t sent me any feedback about my monetization

  37. Eshak simhan says:

    My youtube channel reached 12k views 3 days back .youtube stuff saying we ll email u in week for monatizing, but me and my 50 friends watched all my videos for 10k views finally we reached but we saw all videos below 10 seconds view . shall I eligible for monatizing no copy right strike on video

  38. Ras Christopher says:

    Hello Pradeep,
    I have recently created a Youtube channel and monetized my video and got this message “Monetization Application submitted and in review” this channel was created in Dec 6th, 2017. I would like to know the following:
    Do the review starts after i set the video for the public view or i should set it for public view after the monetization approval is done?.
    You currently have the following AdSense account associated:
    Adsense Id: ****************
    Status: Active
    Date Associated: December 6, 2017 at 11:57 PM

    Your assistance is highly appreciated.

  39. Sunny Dhiman says:

    Hello Pradeep!!!
    My self Sunny Dhiman!!!
    My Youtube official channel name is sdvideos70. Actually six month back i was generate a Google AdSense account. The account was open successfully and ad was also started. But i didn’t get any monetization Adsense CODE till dated now. So Please Sir help me and suggest me what would i do.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sunny Dhiman,
    Mobile No :- 08802980053

  40. hello sir
    as per YouTube rule I’m eligible to monetize but I’m pending to monetize and in review it takes too much time approximately 12 days
    my channel URL is
    plz suggest me

  41. very good article , i am the regular visitor

  42. My YouTube channel have 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 watch hours, and my channel monetization review started. But my channel includes both copyrighted and non copyrighted contents. So I’m just wondering if I’m eligible for YouTube partner programme or I have to remove all those copyrighted contents from my channel. I don’t wanna take any risk.
    Kindly reply…

  43. Syed shiraz says:

    Mera channel monetize

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