Monetize YouTube Channel Make Money


  1. Hi Pardeep,
    your article was good I am inspired by your articles I look forward to read upcoming articles Really an appreciated it.

  2. Abhishek Sharma says:

    finally found this info here,,,
    thanks for this article sir,
    Please write some article related to affiliate marketing , how to get more sales,

    1. Thanks, Abhishek. Sure I plan to write more about affiliate marketing soon. I hope you are subscribed to the blog so that I can notify you of my new posts 🙂

  3. hi, can you please let me . is my channel is connected or not with google ad-sense for earning – here my channel url.

  4. yes this is new youtube update is very useful for youtubers.

  5. hi sir you article is very good for new youtuber in world .

  6. Hi Pradeep
    Thank you for sharing such an excellent article on youtube monetization.
    This article will surely help those who have just started putting their videos in their channel and what are the norms and conditions which should be followed by them.

  7. S M Nahid Emon says:

    Tnx For Sharing This Is Helpful Post

  8. Sir, i reached 50k views.. i created adsense account and i enabled monetization… but ads are not coming.. what should i do … to i earn….

    Ads r running but how to i earn can u help..

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