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  1. Hi Pradeep,

    I have a question for you. Can we add a custom domain name to the free website? and what about if we want to move the website to a new platform e.g WordPress in future, is there any plugin or assistance available.

    And what about shopping cart? can we add a shopping cart to sell 2-3 products online?


  2. Hi ,
    Google My Business is one of the best platform for the persons who want to create local business or small business.Really liked the way you having written the step by step process right from how to list a small business to how to optimised it.


  3. Arav Ramakan says:

    hey pradeep!

    Nice and a useful article!!

    I feel that all the businesses should be listed in google business to be better visible amongst the internet. But it is very helpful for small businesses like the people who have just started with their new product and want to gain visibility more and more over the internet whether a blog or a website. i have started building my blog which would be on sports knowledge.

    Thanks for explaining step by step on how to register your business on google business, this greatly helps in boosting local seo also.

  4. I wish I could add pages or at least embed my google calendar in my Any thoughts on when you think that might be possible? Thanks!

  5. Nizamuddin Siddiqui says:

    Hi Mr. Pradeep,

    Thanks for this post.

    If I create my website using Google My Business do we have the option that my customers will be able to login onto my website?

    1. Hi Nizamuddin,
      The website is mostly for general information purposes and doesn’t support such account features for your customers.

  6. Thank you for your good post about the website function of Google My Small Business! Your step by step explanation is very clear and useful! Although I have a website already, I think it is good to add more presence on the internet, which is related to Google especially! So I will make a simple one through Google My Business.

  7. Will google replace the main website with the free one? Last year I had a client have his listings all wiped and the simple one they created replaced the main site….and then all inbounds were of course gone, and all that got found was the GMB site…and they got ruined. Now I have others tell me that has changed…but some have the opinion that they can do either at their whim and if you already have a website do not create another in GMB. Any experience with this very recently? I do not want such a disaster happening again. Someone I pretty much do trust tells me there is now an option where I can ‘claim it as your appointments site’ and all will be well and it will link the ‘appointments site’ from the GMB listing…which he showed me. Is this a safe thing to do now?

    1. Derek Hines says:

      I’d like to know this as well. We’ve thought about doing this to take up as many ranking results as possible. But if it’s going to replace our current website, we’ll definitely not want to do this. What are your thoughts?

      1. pradeepdotco says:

        I don’t think Gooogle will replace our main websites. This is primarily intended for those businesses that don’t have any kind of website. It definitely makes it easier for such businesses to get some kind of website filled with all Google My Business information.

        Feel free to try and use the tool. It’s also good to secure your brand keyword name on the domain “”.

  8. Can I replace website with google’ s site website

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