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How to get verified on Google Knowledge Panel

Want to be verified on Google Knowledge Panel and take control of the information that appears there? Getting verified on the search knowledge graph panel is crucial to have an authoritative online presence.

Google is undoubtedly the leading place where people search for you, your brand, or business and getting accurate details displayed in the knowledge panel can be extremely valuable.

Google is letting brands verify their presence and importantly take control of the information that is displayed about them on the Google Knowledge Panel.

The verification process allows brands and organisations that have a presence on the Google Knowledge panel to claim and provide authoritative feedback on the information and images presented about them.

Just so that it is clear if you are a local business, you can take control of the information displayed in the Google knowledge panel by claiming your business through Google My Business tool. This verification is mostly for brands and public figures that are distinct from the local businesses.

Google mostly displays information about them from different sources such as Wikipedia. The official documentation of Google suggests that the process is mostly for a person, organization, or other known entity looking to get verified on Google.

Although Google has significantly improved the information displayed in the knowledge panel, it can be useful to have control over the official information about your brand.

I recently verified Google Knowledge Panel information for one of the brands, and in this article, I will walk you through the steps involved in the process. I hope the screenshots are useful to you along the way.

Steps to get Verified on Google Knowledge Panel

Step 1: Search for your brand on the Google and check for the knowledge panel information on your left sidebar of the Google SERP. Step 2: Below the information about your brand, you should see a link with a question – do you manage the online presence for…? (See the screenshot below).

Do you manage online information knowledge panel

Step 3: Once you click on the link, it should take you to the Get Verified pages of the Google. Click on Get Verified.

knowledge panel Get Verified Website Google

You will need to be logged in with a Google account. The account that you are logged in with will be used for verification and to manage the verified presence on Google. Step 4: You will need to confirm whether you are the entity that wants to get verified on Google or represent the entity, person or organisation that wants to be verified.

Google knowledge panel verified login

Select the appropriate option, and additional form fields will appear on the page. If you select that you represent the entity that you are looking to verify, you will be asked to confirm if you officially represent the entity.

knowledge panel Get Verified official

Officially representing the entity means that you are responsible for the online presence management, including posting on social media and other online platforms. You might need to submit documentary evidence of the entity explicitly mentioning the delegation of the online presence to you. Step 5: once you select the relevant option, you will be presented with additional form fields asking you to submit details of your online presence. Step 6: Provide your Name and legal Name of the entity that you want to verify on Google.

Name details for Google Knowledge Panel Verification

Step 7: Find and provide a link to your knowledge panel on Google Search.

Google knowledge panel Search Share Link

When you search for the name of the entity on Google, you should see a share icon beside the name in the knowledge panel. Click on the Share icon and copy-paste the link provided in the dialog box. Select country and language settings for the Google search results.

Google knowledge panel country and language settings

Step 8: Another major section now requires you to prove you can log in to your 2 to 5 of your different official sites/profiles.

Google knowledge panel Official website logins

You will need to submit screenshots of your logged in online profiles and websites. These profiles should appear on the same Search results page as your knowledge panel on Google Search. You need to provide the URL of the official site or profile and attach a screenshot showing you have admin rights to the profile or site. Step 9: You will also need to submit a self-portrait photograph (“selfie”) of yourself holding government-approved photo identification.

self-portrait photograph for Google Knowledge Panel Verification

Make sure the photo is high quality and that your entire face and the photo identification must be in focus. All text on the identification document should be legible. Step 10: Finally, you need to mention why you think the entity should be verified and submit the form.

Google knowledge panel why verified

You should see a success message thanking you for submitting the form. Google will now review your application and get back to you.

Google Verification for Popular Brands

For popular brands and well-known people, Google might let you verify just by asking you to login into one of your official social media profiles. Instead of you having to fill in the form, you can simply login into one of four sites “to verify that you’re an authorized representative of an entity on Google”. YouTube, Google+, Search Console, and Twitter are provided as options if you see this while trying to verify your entity. See the screenshot below showing the verification process for one of the popular brands.

NBA verified on Google Knowledge Panel

Changing Information in Google Knowledge Panel

Getting verified in Google will allow you to control certain elements and information presented in the Google Knowledge panel. Google has, however limited the editing to suggest official information and suggesting a featured image. Other information such as Wikipedia snippet and images except the featured image cannot be changed even after getting verified.

Changes You Can Suggest in Google Knowledge Panel

Google allows you to suggest changes to certain content in the knowledge panel including,

  • Featured image in the Knowledge panel
  • Specific stats for categories of an entity

Changes You Cannot Suggest in Google Knowledge Panel

Google has listed that the following parts of the knowledge panel cannot be changed;

  • Subtitle
  • Wikipedia snippet
  • Images other than the main image
  • Section – “People also search for”

Besides, you won’t be able to re-order or hide any content if it’s accurate and publicly known information.

Suggesting Featured Image for Verified Google Knowledge Panel

The featured image takes a prominent place in the Google Knowledge panel, and so this might be the first thing verified entities might be looking to change. As a verified entity for the topic, you can suggest a featured image, which if approved, will be prioritised over other images in the Google knowledge panel. There are two ways in which you can suggest changes to your featured image.

1. Using the Google Authoring Tool

You can access the Google authoring tool at You will see an option to update your featured image section. There are few guidelines Google recommends while uploading your photo.

  • The image should be at least 1,0000 pixels and should have an aspect ratio of 3:4.
  • If the verified entity is a person, the photo should show the person’s face clearly.
  • Google knowledge panel supports .png and .svg formats for logos.

2. Using Google Knowledge panel

You can locate your Google Knowledge panel by searching for your verified entity. Click suggest a change below the knowledge panel and provide a direct URL of your image. There are also a few official guidelines for the image that you submit this way.

  • The image URL that you submit should end in .jpg or .png (supported formats direct URL).
  • Don’t suggest the website URL – the URL should link directly to the image.

Have you managed to verify any brands or yourself in Google Knowledge Panel? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. You basically repeated what Google’s instructions say without much clarifying. I came here hoping to know what this means:

    “These profiles should appear on the same Search results page as your knowledge panel on Google Search.”

    My profiles don’t appear on the same page as the brand knowledge panel I need to claim. That’s entirely up to Google’s ranking algorithms! So what are we supposed to do?

  2. I have been struggling for months to help my celebrity, who claimed his Knowledge Panel, change the Featured Image. The one he wants to use is already included with the other photos, he wants to replace the current image with the next one in the array. He can’t seem to get it done. Is there any where he can get help for this?

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