1. You basically repeated what Google’s instructions say without much clarifying. I came here hoping to know what this means:

    “These profiles should appear on the same Search results page as your knowledge panel on Google Search.”

    My profiles don’t appear on the same page as the brand knowledge panel I need to claim. That’s entirely up to Google’s ranking algorithms! So what are we supposed to do?

    1. That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out too.

  2. Hammy Havoc says:

    Nice guide, think I’m going to try claiming my panel. :- )

  3. Trinity Hall says:

    I’m an author and want to claim my panel

  4. I have been struggling for months to help my celebrity, who claimed his Knowledge Panel, change the Featured Image. The one he wants to use is already included with the other photos, he wants to replace the current image with the next one in the array. He can’t seem to get it done. Is there any where he can get help for this?

  5. I’m a. Rapper I need to get verified

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